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This place has been a ranch for almost 150 years, its called Rafter Spear, and I did spell it for the author of the story. My family have been in the cattle raising and management industry for 5 generations, but I have been here for 35 years. Matt’s family for 3 generations but here since 1964.

I guess its hard to get things clear when its a surprise call and interview and its being done rushed while driving. I usually like to do my interviews by email, so they get it right. No time this time. But Matt and I did take the photographer around.

Possessory rights! Thats what allows us to keep our cows on the ground and manage appropriately for the circumstances. The Black Fire tool a. Heavy toll on us, and the article indicates we are bit pro fire. We have supported fire on this ranch for thirty or more years, which is why this fire slowed down with it reached us. Managed fire and grazing, now add timber harvest and remove overzealous court driven endangered critter protection and you have something.

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