Wolf tourism from a ranchers perspective.

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Ok wheres the spa? This is one long vacation.

I feel worn out, my back is a mess and I have ulcers. I wont even tell you what’s going through my husband’s mind every day.

The expense of ensuring we survive wolf impacts one more year at the size this place is, has gotten pretty extreme. It has become nearly impossible to pay regular bills because we have such a growth in mitigation expenses. Our impacted neighbors have these problems as well.

Mitigation is the technical word for stopping wolf kills before they happen, not our job by the way, tricky how they turned that around and dumped it all on us though.

This never ending tourism event has a price tag, dont let anyone tell you different.

Prevention fuel an extra 3k last year will be doubled this year, thank you to the new administration.
Prevention equipment, an extra 10k last year will be 5k this year unless we need something we haven’t thought of.

Prevention feed, an extra 3k the last two years and add an additional 2k this year for a total of 5k minimum.

Not being paid to do FWS mitigation job, priceless.

No sleep no free time, no vacation, no family outings, no dentist or doctors, no extra $. Add in an extra full time unpaid job description, (usually for me) approximately 30k. (Hence my exhaustion and lack of personal medical care time) but hey ranchers are rich so whatever..

And the losses we bust our asses to prevent, what are we paid? A calf you would have gotten $560-660 weaned and sold, is paid 75% of a set fee that depends on weight at death this comes from a chart and numerous forms to fill out for Farm Service Agency. Thats a severe cut in pay for anyone. Example the little heifer below, she died small after participating in a wolf tourism event. Yes, its a confirmed wolf attack, she will bring us a reimbursement of 160 bucks. Thats a 400-500 dollar loss.

So far not much has made it to the vet. But when it does, fuel travel and vet bills cha ching!
When someone tells you we are paid for our losses they are lying.

PS. Forgot to add the cows don’t graze for four to five days after an attack, they bunch up and protect their calves, and they fight us.
So just letting wolves have a free for all and counting the dead after is not a solution either. More money and gain and growth and life down the toilet. But the wolf advocates are still sharing the debunked, wolves change rivers pseudoscience.

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