Twyla Monson Lewis

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I wrote something very similar to this a while back, and I am writing it again.
For YEARS the ranchers and ranching community has been criminalized, controlled and ruled and regulated to the point of trying to put the ranchers out of business.
For YEARS ranchers have been trying to get people to come to cattlemen/cattle grower meetings and get educated about federal and state control over ranches, ranchers, and ranching operations.
For YEARS ranchers have exposed the assumed control by the USFS and the BLM and the unConstitutional actions that were being taking and implemented.
For YEARS ranchers have been telling people this is NOT about cows. This is about LIBERTY and CONTROL!
For YEARS people have had the attitude that they didn’t own cows or a ranch. For YEARS people have said they didn’t have a dog in the fight and it was not their fight and they were not being affected, so they didn’t need to be involved or stand with the ranchers.
For YEARS ranchers have screamed from the top of their lungs that it was not going to end with control over ranchers and ranches.
For YEARS ranchers have said, they will be will coming for you next. YOU are going to be next to be controlled, ruled and regulated out of business.
Not one to say, I told you so, BUT WE TOLD YOU SO!
How does it feel, people, to be told how you can operate the business you bought, built or inherited? How does it feel to be told every move you make? How does it feel to be controlled, ruled and regulated? How does it feel to be criminalized for just living a life you were given and enjoying?
The warning sound was fired. MANY were not silent in presenting the message to those OUTSIDE the ranching community. MANY, actually everyone, was invited into the ranching communities to help us stand against tyranny and rules and regulations. Now, how many wish they would have joined us back then and took that stand?
It started with the federal control. USFS, BLM, EPA. At some point we hoped we had a small layer of protection by the states. NOW the states are MORE TYRANNICAL than the federal government! We are standing here with hope our SHERIFFS will be Constitutional and be our layer of protection, after all that is what we elected them to do.
Business are being forced to completely close. Churches have been forced to completely close at certain points and are ruled and regulated on what they can and can do inside their own buildings when “allowed” open.
THESE ARE PRIVATE PROPERTY BUSINESSES! Just like at one time ALL ranches were PRIVATE PROPERTY till the USFS and BLM stepped in and took the land and claimed it as theirs! Who is going to claim all or part of YOUR small (or large) business?
Livelihoods are being stolen. Rules and regulations implemented to control every aspect of human lives in the name of a virus. Don’t let a good crises go to waste.
At one point, chain stores were being told what they can and can not sell. YOU are being told what you can and can not purchase. Things I try to buy, I am being told are not “essential”.
YOU are not only being told what you wish to purchase if it is essential or not, YOU are being told if YOU are essential or not! Let THAT ONE sink in for minute!
We can not stand alone by industry. Regardless if it is ranching, oil, mom and pop stores, hairdressers, what ever business you have, we HAVE to stand together. Shoulder to shoulder, elbow to elbow.
You may not be in the ranching industry, but you use many byproducts that come from it. Many you do not even realize they came from a cow!
I am not a hairdresser, but I use one!
I am not in the oil industry, but I sure am glad to get their products when I want to drive my car!
People it is time to wake up. A HUGE warning shot has been fired and you better start listening! And you better start taking a hard stand against what has become full blown tyranny!

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